Praise for A Sea Full of Turtles

“In this lovingly-crafted book, Bill Streever both builds a case for optimism for the future and takes us on a grand adventure in the boat wake of Steinbeck and Ricketts. As much about the animals as our own decisions, A Sea Full of Turtles is a rare kind of honest reflection that shows us what survival can look like when we start to pay attention.”—Juli Berwald, author of Spineless and Life on the Rocks

“If you care about the plight of sea turtles and other marine life—and we all ought to—you will be moved by this heartfelt, intimate account. With a curious eye and a gift for prose, biologist Bill Streever weaves together strands of biology, history, and anthropology in a way that only one who spends large portions of his life on and in the ocean can do.” ―Jonathan Balcombe, author of What a Fish Knows and Super Fly

“With humor, intelligence, and an infectious sense of wonder, Bill Streever’s A Sea Full of Turtles fosters not only appreciation for the animals in its title but a fascination with the larger topic of extinction and how it might be averted. Far from being a downer about a beleaguered species, this travel and science adventure is an accessible and entertaining read that admirably avoids either excess gloom or unearned optimism. Nearly a century after John Steinbeck looked for philosophical insights in Mexican tidepools, Streever has given us a new reason to find delight and tentative hope along ever-changing shorelines.”―Andromeda Romano-Lax, author of Searching for Steinbeck’s Sea of Cortez: A Makeshift Expedition Along Baja’s Desert Coast

Praise for IN OCEANS DEEP by Bill Streever

“A beautifully written and thrilling exploration of humanity’s place in the depths by a master interpreter who has spent a lifetime face-to-face with the shipwrecks, animals, machines, daring souls, and enduring mysteries that populate this gorgeous, hidden world.” –Robert Kurson, author of Shadow Divers and Rocket Men

In Oceans Deep combines painstaking research with narrative flair and a genuine love for the subject…. It is both an education and a terrific read.” -Chris Wright, journalist and author of No More World’s to Conquer

“Bill Streever takes us on an entertaining and richly informative journey into the marine frontier. I recommend this book to anyone who may wish to be awed, and perhaps disturbed, by the depths to which humans will go to explore it.” -Jonathan Balcombe, author of What a Fish Knows

“Exquisitely researched and written. I highly recommend In Oceans Deep.” -Jonathan White, author of Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean

“Bill Streever has written a gripping and important book about the sea, its science, and the technologies we’ve invented to begin to experience it, but also about our own humanity—and our future.” -Juli Berwald, author of Spineless

“In this homage-cum-history of human endeavor in the ocean depths, biologist, writer and diver Bill Streever brings to light a region less explored than the Moon.” –Nature

“With a real knack for storytelling, Streever evocatively puts the reader in the helmets, flippers, and submersibles of sea explorers throughout history…Streever crafts a book to be enjoyed by divers and general readers alike.” –Publishers Weekly

“Ultimately, this timely and richly told story became something the author did not intend: an invaluable survey of how much damage has been done and how much we will lose if we don’t protect the seas.” –Booklist

“A buoyant, at times thrilling, account of the deep sea experience, perfect for divers and other lovers of life beneath the waves.” -Kirkus

Praise for COLD by Bill Streever

A New York Times Bestseller
A New York Times Notable Book
A Los Angeles Times Book Award Finalist
A Popular Mechanics and Library Journal Best Book of the Year
A “love song to science and scientists, to Earth and everything that lives on and flies over and tunnels underneath it.”
—Mary Roach, New York Times Book Review
“Original and organic: it is flinty and tough-minded, with just enough humor glowing around the edges to keep you toasty and dry.”
—Dwight Garner, New York Times
“[Streever] demonstrates an amazing zeal for collecting cold facts…His voice is so engaging and his writing so crisp.”
—Washington Post
“[F]ascinating …Streever’s affection for cold offers intellectual air conditioning.”
—Los Angeles Times

Praise for HEAT by Bill Streever

(A Nautilus Award Winner)

“[Streever] operates in some of the same territory as Mary Roach and Bill Bryson: taking on big, serious topics, and making them entertaining without making them trivial, inserting himself into the narrative without overwhelming the material. This is a fine balancing act…” —San Francisco Chronicle

From the author of Cold, another engaging, easy-to-read, free-ranging exploration of a natural phenomenon. Streever mingles his personal adventures with heat and hot places with tidbits about early mistaken notions about heat, current events and research involving it, and narratives of those who have lived through its challenges…[a] funny and factual blend of science, history and adventure.” —Kirkus

funny, matter of fact prose”… “In this worthy companion to Cold, Streever is able to mix the pop science, personal experiences, and historic asides into a fun and informative commentary on a subject that few people think about despite its inherent life and death implications.” —Publishers Weekly starred review.

“With engaging storytelling skill and deep scientific knowledge, Streever offers a fascinating exploration of one of the basic necessities of everyday life.” —Booklist

“Streever is an able guide into the flaming regions of our beleaguered evirons… a rare nature book, a pleasing mix of first-person narrative and layman science. The facts come fast and furious but are served on a platter of digestible prose.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

Praise for AND SOON I HEARD A ROARING WIND by Bill Streever

(Another Nautilus Award Winner)

“To research the book, [Streever] didn’t just study wind, he put himself at its mercy.” —Terry Gross, NPR’s “Fresh Air”

“Streever melds historical detail with seat-of-the-pants adventure in this portrait of a force of nature.” —Discover Magazine

“Streever intertwines scientific histories in terms palatable even for laymen. When the going gets technical, Streever is there with an analogy to clarify….He brings the reader an understanding of what’s important [about wind, and] along the way, Streever sprinkles in surprises and makes historical connections.” —Seattle Times

“ Streever approaches meteorology in a way that brings to mind John McPhee’s writings about geology, belaboring the text with no more scientific jargon than necessary….This book chronicles key discoveries in meteorology, and Streever’s gale-force inquiry leads to some fascinating aside”—Dallas Morning News

“The wind is always changeable, whether it’s a brisk nor’easter or the shifting tempests of intellectual history. And Soon I Heard Roaring Wind proves that Bill Streever is a master at navigating both.” —Sam Kean, author of The Disappearing Spoon